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Full Bio

Sharon Miller, B.Comm, CPCC, PCC

CoachingWorks is a Canadian based leadership, team, and performance improvement company established by Sharon Miller in December 2000.

Sharon Helps Smart Leaders and Teams Meet Ambitious Goals by Changing Themselves, Changing Others, and Changing the System.

Sharon has been dubbed the ‘No Nonsense Coach’ and has helped thousands of clients transform in the following ways:

    • Accelerate contribution of leaders requiring elevated levels of personal, team, and organizational capability (Elevate Contribution in New and Existing Roles)
    • Power up High Potentials stuck in behaviour patterns that are getting in the way of advancement, more strategic contribution, and building internal partnerships (Elevate Self-Awareness, Self-Regulation, Self-Development and Relationship Awareness)
    • Improve execution through examining the leader’s orientation to time, relationships, power and influence, and their own attitudes and assumptions about what equates to success. (Elevate Results)
    • Drive performance through increasing their impact on strategic decisions and influence on others with direct, honest and constructive communication (Elevate Impact and Influence with Integrity)
    • Mobilize and lead others through change and inspire their managers to elevate their own change skills and more fully leverage the capacity of their teams (Elevate Change Capability)
    • Build stronger teams willing and able to collaborate positively and productively together as well as across boundaries (Elevate Team and Collective Capabilities, Trust and Collaboration)
    • Secure engagement of Top Talent who may be questioning their commitment to and role in the company given significant organizational change and upheaval (Elevate Commitment and Engagement)
    • Guide Top Talent to journey through personal crises while maintaining high performance, engagement, and self-development (Elevate Resilience, Adaptability, and Optimism)
    • Develop employee talent (360’s and development planning, high potential development programs) (Elevate Bench Strength)


Her work has led to measurable improvement: 31% in constructive interaction, 26% in trust, 21% in team leadership, and 18% in alignment and optimism. When these factors improve, bottom line results and sustainability improve.

She’s known to be direct, practical and focused on:

    • Helping you understand yourself and others and what is really getting in the way of moving forward
    • Seeing the situation more clearly and less emotionally, diffusing feelings around charged situations
    • Root cause and concrete outcomes
    • Taking you out of your comfort zone in a way that is structured, guided, and leaves you feeling confident and strong
    • Expanding perspectives and testing ideas in a safe, confidential and affirming coaching relationship
    • Applying proven leadership and employee frameworks and methodologies
    • SMART action planning and bias for action
    • Using time wisely


Her services include:

    • One-on-One Leadership Coaching
    • Team Development & Coaching (including virtual and matrix teams)
    • Group Coaching (people with similar priorities or development agendas but do not report to each other or are part of the same team)
    • Individual and Team Assessments (The Leadership Circle 360 Feedback Instrument and Team Culture Survey; Team Diagnostic; Extended DISC for individuals, work pairs, and teams; StrengthsFinder; VIA Survey, StandOut)
    • Assessment De-Brief, Feedback and Feed-Forward Interviews, and Action Planning (getting to root cause and building development plans with teeth)
    • Team & Leadership Development Programs
    • Coaching Training 


Clients include high achieving executives, professionals and teams in banking, insurance, consumer products, consulting, government, manufacturing, and not-for-profit.

What makes Sharon different than other change management specialists?

    • As a former Securities Trader under constant stress and ever changing market conditions, she learned adaptability, resilience, quick bottom lined thinking and the ability to act and respond on a dime.
    • As the highest rated salesperson in Canada in her market, she became masterful at highly effective relationship and consultative partnerships and removing obstacles to closing deals.
    • As a Senior HR Business Partner, she learned about and has been a key player in systemic change and strategic planning.
    • Less than 1% of leaders are reasonably strong in focusing on both work goals and the needs of other people (Rock 2013). Sharon has real experience in both sides of the leadership equation.
    • She has proprietary, practical leadership and employee frameworks and methodologies that don’t require invasive organization strategies, can be used immediately and repeatedly, and reduce friction and angst.
    • She has always been described as a straight up, truth teller and a person of high integrity. Leaders trust her with their thoughts and feelings. She is an incredible listener and champion.
    • She has over 4000 hours of coaching over 15 years with several hundred different people in various industries and roles, including President.
    • She has navigated through her own personal crises (e.g. death of a beloved spouse, illness) while continuing to achieve business goals.


Sharon is professionally certified through The Coaches Training Institute (2001) and the International Coach Federation. She has had 72 hours of systems, team and relationship coaching training through the Center for Right Relationship (ORSC). 

Sharon fully expresses her potential, purpose, and values, often courageously stepping outside her comfort zone. She believes life and work only truly happen in meaningful and positive relationship with others. She likes to have fun, whether it be flying down zip lines, go-karting, or playfully messing around in the water. She loves to explore the deeper questions and is constantly growing herself. She is on an exciting mission of discovery. For Sharon, life is meant to be lived, understood, and enjoyed fully.

Contact Information
(416) 484-8018


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