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What’s Different About Sharon?


For those who benefit from an information packed bio, you’ll find it here. 

When I’m looking to partner with a professional, what I’m interested in is divided into Differentiators and Table Stakes.

Here is my take on both:


My mission in life is to grow myself, help my children grow, grow leaders, and thus change the world.  I study what it takes to be successful as a person. It is virtually impossible to be successful alone. More and more it is about constructive relationships and impactful conversations. I have achieved excellence at both. People come to me specifically for this kind of support.

I’ve been on the self-awareness and personal mastery path for over 20 years. I will never stop. People do change. I’ve changed.

There is an inner as well as outer game to leadership. You want your coach to be ahead of you in this regard to know what’s actually possible and create the conditions for you to get there too.

I  have a very high level of Emotional Intelligence. I have worked at this and know what it takes to achieve it.

We all get muddled in our own stuff. I think big picture, see connections, then simplify the complexity down to a few key phrases and objectives. I see what you don’t.

I look for the root cause in the presenting opportunity and thus help you discover two and three for ones.  I am known for getting things done. We will maximize your return on investment. 

I have been described as a person of great integrity. What does that mean? I speak what I see, feel, and believe. To the best of my ability, I live my life according to my values. I take accountability for my thoughts, words and deeds. Do what is right now what is easy

I am committed to speaking the truth, sanely and humanely. It saves time and is kinder ultimately. I can equip you to do it too, even when you feel at risk.

I am an expert in Feedback, Assessments, and Development Planning. I’ve worked with 1000’s of people and I know how to ensure these investments aren’t a waste of time and money.

I am part of an exclusive global network of coaches who have access to best practice substantive coaching frameworks focused on leaders’ specific, most pressing and most common change challenges. These frameworks have been road-tested for over a decade in 32 countries. I will help you become the complete leadership solution as defined by your organization, your leaders, and your talent committee.

When I worked in Financial Markets/a Trading Room, I was the #1 salesperson in Canada in my product line. I’ve worked under P&L pressure, just like you.

After working 20 years with Bank of Montreal and 15 years coaching in Financial Institutions, I love partnering with Bankers (though I work with people across many different industries). Usually these are people who are super smart technically and need to become better leaders in order to advance. I get them which saves time, something they value. One trader gave me incredible praise by saying, “This was not a waste of time. I thought it was going to be.” Everyone laughed. He ended up being an incredible sponsor.

When I was in Human Resources, I collaborated with leaders as senior as Vice-Chair on the human side of strategic business issues. Bottom line, it was always about change and how to get people to align to it. I’ve been in the trenches, just like you.

I have been to hell and back in my own life. I am resourceful, resilient and strong. There is not much I can’t support you with. Leadership development is not just about building competencies that drive the business. How can you drive the business when you’re feeling lost as a person? If this applies, I can help you with that and support you in the continued achievement of ambitious goals.

People say I am a person of courage. I’ll help you find yours.

Table Stakes

      • Coaching Experience: leadership coach since 2000, across industries (particularly Financial Services and Consumer Products though others as well) and with leaders as senior as president
      • Coaching Certifications: CPCC (Coaches Training Institute), PCC (International Coach Federation). Recertify every 3 years requiring 40 additional hours of coach specific training each time. Have done extensive coursework in System, Team and Relationship Coaching and Conversational Intelligence.
      • Accreditations: The Leadership Circle 360 and Culture Survey; Extended DiSC Assessments, Certified Team Diagnostic Coach Facilitator
      • Other Corporate Experience: 20 years with Bank of Montreal managing teams in both line and staff functions; designated a high potential and key resource
      • Education: Gold Medal in Commerce and Finance, U of T


Other Items of Interest

I intend to write a book entitled Battling BS – 5 Steps to Fast Forward to the BS Free Zone. It will be a fun and practical exploration of the world of spin, including your own, and what to do about it. It’s about one-third complete. BS doesn’t have to mean what you think. That will all be explained.


I am a member of the NEW (Network of Executive Women) Mentoring Committee. This includes partnering in designing mentoring events, speaking at the front of the room, and acting as a Mentor at the events. Topics have included: creating your personal brand, navigating change, and influencing without authority.






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