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What is it about you and your behaviour that gets in the way of achieving your ambitious goals – your business, your career, and your impact?

Once you’re in a high IQ position, intellect loses its power to determine who will emerge as an effective leader. For that, how you handle yourself and your relationships – in other words, your emotional intelligence skill set – matters more than your IQ. (Goleman, 2011, Time.com)

Funny men sitting at a business tableAs well, you may actually be leaving something on the table when it comes to your strengths, some talent that is not fully leveraged, or some skill that causes problems because of your overuse of it.

We are not fixed. We are a work in progress. There are predictable behaviours that stop leaders from excellence.

What is the benefit of knowing yourself, changing your behaviour, and growing as a leader in a way that is precisely personalized to you and your situation?

      • Time saving through getting to the deeper issues and the bottom line quicklydisplay-panel-457381_1920
      • Improved ability to connect your intentions with your impact, improve your interpersonal savvy and achieve ambitious goals through and with others
      • Learning how to identify and deal with emotional reactions – yours and others, at the same time as you take action on practical business issues using proven frameworks and tools
      • Identifying your blind spots (including through Feedback and Assessments)and their root cause, then shifting your behavior permanently through a development plan that actually creates change
      • Greater career potential as you shift how you are perceived in alignment with where you want to go
      • Creating a vision of an exciting future that truly motivates you to make it happen and sets you up for success
      • Through laser focused partnering on changing and developing yourself, learning how to laser focus partner on changing and developing others and thus build capability in your team
      • Relief at talking through what worries you and what keeps you stuck with someone who has been there, understands, does not judge, gives unbiased, clear feedback and moves forward in practical ways – for your benefit and for the benefit of your business.

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Understand yourself, master your behaviours, and evolve as a leader by Contacting Us today.

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“Sharon made me examine a lot of things and was prepared to go to the tough places, never off track with where I wanted to go. She was focussed in an empathetic way on my best interests. I learned that I can change and I can choose. By being more attuned to myself, my effectiveness and productivity has increased.”
Senior Manager, People & Culture
Major Canadian Bank
“We are geniuses at coming up with reasons to avoid change. We make excuses. We rationalize. We harbour beliefs that trigger all manner of denial and resistance. As a result, we continually fail at becoming the person we want to be.”
Triggers: Creating Behaviour That Lasts – Becoming the Person You Want to Be by Marshall Goldsmith



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