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System Excellence

Changes Ahead

Just 30% of change initiatives succeed, according to 15 years of data from McKinsey and Co.

As a leader you are being asked to create change all the time. How do you successfully envision and embed change?

Emails and videos from the Chairman and new policies will not catalyze high performing change.

Organizations don’t change. It’s the people in the organization who change. How do you change the system to support changing the people?Strategy

Standing between you and what you want to achieve is the limiting step. How is the system, the culture, the machine limiting what you are able to achieve, for your business and for yourself?

You may have the mental horsepower to think strategically but to actually be strategic requires experience and learning.

Often leaders have little practical methodology to follow to plan for and execute change, particularly when it comes to mobilizing and leading people, and creating high performing teams and cultures.

What are the strategic levers for change and organizational development? How do you use and embed them in conversation and in relationship?

I am part of an exclusive global network of coaches who have access to best practice substantive coaching frameworks focused on leaders’ specific, most pressing and most common change challenges. These frameworks have been road-tested for over a decade in 32 countries.

Here are just a few of them:

        • Lead through change
        • Create a high performance culture
        • Engage and mobilize employees
        • Build effective teams
        • Get an idea accepted through the organization
        • Success in a new leadership role
        • Personal Branding (as part of strategic career management)


Understand the system, pull the levers, and change the future by Contacting Us today.

Learn more about how that is done by visiting Services – Leadership, Services – Team, Services – Group.

“I am more focussed. I am clearer on my priorities and they are what I attend to. I don’t sweat the small stuff. I am a better leader and coach. My productivity at work has increased and my relationships at home have improved. The potential impact of this kind of coaching is massive.”
Vice-President, Client Commitment
Major Canadian Bank
“We can make an impeccably rational case for change and people still won’t change…”
Chip & Dan Heath, Switch
“For anything to change, behaviour has to change. How do you get people behaving in a different way?”
Chip & Dan Heath, Switch
“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”
Dave Logan, CultureSync



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