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Honesty“Perception is reality.”
Lee Atwater

Why Bother?

Without a good picture of the current state, it’s more difficult to set the right priorities for change. Making assumptions about how you are perceived and what your development opportunities are can take you down a path that is not the most valuable use of your time.

What’s really important is what is then done with the information. Often 360 events end up being a waste of time and resources from a development perspective.

I have looked at 1000’s of assessments for 1000’s of leaders. I am very skilled at identifying at the core what needs to be worked on and how. Just as important, I am skilled at how to shift other people’s perception that you have grown in these areas.

I gather feedback in a number of ways:

      • Using the instruments selected by the client’s organization
      • Deploying the instruments I am accredited to use
      • Interviewing one or more of the client’s stakeholders (gold standard)


Then, based on the feedback and other inputs (like your career aspirations, your performance reviews, and what draws you) we create a powerful behavioural focused Development Plan. This plan speaks to root cause and priority opportunities, is practical and not based on lofty generalities, and leads to change in behaviour and perception.


The Leadership Circle 360 and Team Culture Survey
Stellar Team Diagnostic

On-Line Self-Assessments

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