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What Is It?

Group Coaching brings coaching to smaller groups within an organization. It is different than team coaching as group members do not report to each other, nor are they necessarily part of the same team.

What Is Explored?

Group coaching brings together people occupying mission critical roles, coaching them on topics of strategic importance where competency development, sustained behavior change, and change accountability is critical.

It is often used to ensure that learning is embraced and embedded vs. lost soon after a training initiative.

When used for leaders, these are also called Executive Masterminds or Leadership Circles.

The Group Coach facilitates the conversation and from time to time will work with individual members of the group. As one leader is coached, others learn. In this way, the value of coaching is brought to more people who are all focused on the same outcome.

Benefits also include the creation of trusted relationships and networks across the organization as well as best practice sharing and accountability to each other on critical subjects, such as change.

Typical group size is between 7 – 10 members.

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