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“I partnered with Sharon many times over several years. I was one of those highly capable people who was quite singularly focused on driving results. I did not have enough concern about my impact on others and my ability to influence them, particularly with my peers and senior leaders. I did not see this as a big problem given we were all working on achieving ambitious goals. Wrong. I needed to channel this drive into developing my influence, conversation, and relationship skills. I needed to elevate the level of my contribution beyond what worked for only my area of responsibility. I did all of this and was made an executive. I love this role.

Here is what Sharon was able to bring out in me:

    • Unleashed hidden potential through going beyond the surface and digging deep.
    • Translated what great looked like for me going beyond what the company was looking for. This made my desire to grow powerful which impacted everything I touched, not just strong business results
    • My learning was holistic. It was about building foundation skillsets that carry a leader through thick and thin, delivering the numbers but at the same time making others feel good about it – my team, my peers, and my leaders.

I completely trusted Sharon. She is a person of high integrity. She adjusted our focus based on what I needed, created more staying power in the relationship and more significant results for my leadership.

She is supportive, caring, thought provoking, a great listener, inspiring, and very open and receptive. Her strong interpersonal savvy rubbed off on me – good humour, listening, patience, and composure, to name a few.

I can honestly say that my work with Sharon changed my life – my life at work, my life outside of work, and more importantly, my interior life.”

Ali Davies, Customer Vice-President, The Kraft Heinz Company

“I came to Sharon when I was looking to accelerate and elevate my contribution in a new, quite challenging role.

Here are some of the highlights of the value I have received in this partnership:

    • Situation and Solution Analysis: Sharon has an uncanny ability to guide by asking probing questions that facilitate my assessment of a situation holistically and from a multiple perspectives. Her extensive experience has added an important dimension when I’m struggling for the next link in my analysis. The most important part of this skill is that you don’t provide answers. You know the questions to guild me to the answers, and, at the same time, you know what when you need to provide a bit more insight/direction when I would benefit from it.
    • Big Picture Thinking: Sharon is able to see things in the broadest sense with no blinders on. Your ability to make the most common sense comment that hadn’t even crossed my mind is a very powerful catalyst.
    • Dealing with Real Time Business Issues as They Arise: While we are building a general leadership foundation during the course of our relationship, the ability to also work on real-time issues that I’m being faced with is of great value to me. The situation and plan analysis that we undertake together is extremely valuable as it means I can deal with issues promptly instead of letting them grow as a distraction that ultimately has a negative impact on my performance and my business.
    • Insightful Tools and Articles: What you have shared so far has been a tremendous help. For example, the Perspective Wheel has had a major impact on my day-to-day behaviour both at work and in my personal life.
    • Vast Experience: This is also a key strength of Sharon. While she does an excellent job of guiding me to look at things holistically, there are many times when I can only get 90% of the way there. This is when her insights and compassion are invaluable to helping understand the gaps and what I can do about them

The return to me is that I am focused and deliberate as I navigate my new role. I am building a toolkit that will not only make me successful at my current job but that also prepares me for future leadership roles.

The return to the business is increased profitability through my success in my current role, in addition to increasing the overall leadership talent pool that can be deployed across the firm and will continue to drive the organization’s success in the future.”

Postscript: My client has since been placed into another challenging leadership role, a wonderful career move. We continue to work together.

Managing Director, Wholesale Banking, Major Canadian Bank

“Sharon’s practical and professional style is perfectly suited to a busy executive’s pace.  We worked quickly to establish goals and an agreed approach.  As a result of our work together, I not only learned to recognize my own personal stumbling blocks but developed more compassion for what might be getting in the way for others.  Not only did I develop more confidence and skill in addressing difficult situations, I also improved my effectiveness in coaching others through their own challenges.”

Helen Giffen, Human Resources executive

“I ‘had to’ do this as part of a high potential leadership development program. This was not a waste of time. I thought it was going to be. In fact, although only 4 hours it was the best part of the initiative. Sharon helped me to successfully compete in the annual round of Managing Director appointments by partnering with me to focus on the bottom line.”

Trader, Major Canadian Bank

“The 4-6 hours we spent together were worth a two year MBA on life and career and for this I am truly grateful.”

Stacey Kravitz, Customer Vice-President, The Kraft Heinz Company

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